Holy Land Tour

 June 2019


Informational meeting on

Sunday, September 30, 2018 at 6 PM in room 109.

You can anticipate our tour being around 12-14 days (depending if we are able to get into Jordan). Because we do only one bus for each trip, we can see more of Israel than most tours that our larger. Our guide is usually led by a former Israeli Defense member so we are well-taken care of. We will sing, study, and tour our way across the Holy Land. You will also receive a study manual with a lot of notes for when you return.

The following locations are places we have visited in previous trips and I anticipate making most of these stops (if not all). While I cannot guarantee we make them all, we will attempt to go to the following places on our tour:

  • Joppa: where Jonah took off from in the ship;

  • Caesarea by the Sea, where you’ll see the Pilate Stone and it plays a prominent role in the book of Acts;

  • Mount Carmel: Elijah & the prophets of Baal;

  • Megiddo: Armageddon;

  • The Valley of Jezreel: Armageddon;

  • Nazareth: boyhood town of Jesus;

  • Sea of Galilee: Boat ride on the lake;

  • Caesarea Philippi: “Who Do You Say that I Am?”

  • Mount of Transfiguration

  • Capernaum: Jesus & the Gospels

  • Peter’s House

  • Mount of Beatitutudes

  • Golan Heights: if this is safe

  • Gadea: Jesus Heals the Gaderene Demonic

  • Baptism in the Jordan River

  • Beth-Shan: King Saul at Mount Gilboa

  • Bethlehem: if this is safe

  • Jerusalem

  • Mount of Olives: Palm Sunday route

  • Garden of Gethsemene

  • Pool of Bethesda

  • Antonia’s Fortress: Jesus is before Pilate

  • The Church of the Holy Sepulcher: Crucifixion & Resurrection

  • Caiaphas’ House

  • Temple Mount & Western Wall

  • Dome of the Rock

  • Pool of Siloam

  • King David’s House

  • Hezekiah’s Tunnel

  • Yad Vashem

  • En Gedi: David flees before King Saul

  • Qumran: Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Masada

  • The Dead Sea

  • The Garden Tomb



Clint & Marsha


We visited Israel to celebrate our 30th anniversary and it was a life enhancing experience to actually see and touch the places we’ve studied in the Bible all these years. Experiences like sailing across the Sea of Galilee where Jesus fed the 5,000, taught the multitudes, calmed the seas and walked on water will take your breath away. Go if you can!




Karla & Mike

Our Holy Land trip was a life changing event! We can’t tell you how many times since our return, we have heard a song, sermon or BFG lesson that a memory floods back allowing us to understand or visualize something that would not be possible without having been there. Our special memory is our time at the Garden of Gethsemane. Pastor Scott led us to spend time with your spouse in reading the Gethsemane account in the Bible and prayer. We want to encourage you to prayerfully consider going with Pastor Scott. Don’t miss this opportunity to walk where Jesus walked and grow in the Lord.

All travel arrangements are handled by:

North Hills Travel & Cruises

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North Richland Hills, TX 76180 | View on Google Maps

John McIntosh

 817-595-2900 | fax: 817-589-1175 


About Scott Maze:

Scott has traveled overseas in numerous countries and has been in the Holy Land numerous times. In addition to completing his Ph.D. in theology and evangelism, Scott shares his knowledge of the Christian faith and the Holy Land throughout the trip.


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