Why Are Christians So Pro-Life?

On Sunday, November 27, I am presenting a message entitled, “Why Are Christians So Pro-Life.” Because of the importance of this message, I am sharing my notes. Perhaps they might assist someone in their search for the truth on this highly polarizing topic of abortion.

I essentially take this message and cut it into two halves. The first half represents why the science of biology leads us to the position of bring pro-life. While the second half shares Christianity’s convictional values regarding life and its value. It is during this later portion of today’s message that I will share our church’s conviction on the issue of abortion. More than anything, my hope is that this message celebrates life.

With apologies in advance, please know that these notes represent my unedited sermon notes as I configure them for my purposes. I hope many will benefit from these notes in their present unedited format.

Why Are Christians So Pro-Life

If you’re motivated to help this important cause, here are three organizations that you can assist:

1. The Mid Cities Crisis Pregnancy Center: http://mcpregnancy.org/. Our church supports this important ministry.

2. Mercy House is a ministry that houses, supports and ministers to single pregnant woman.

3. Human Coalition is a ministry serves to offer abortion-minded women another choice by pointing them to Crisis Pregnancy Clinics. They use technology in “abortion dense areas” and are talking to around 40% of women who are abortion-minded.

Please consider using your time and resources to celebrate life.

Michael Slater