Covenant – Deuteronomy 29-30

Read Deuteronomy 29-30

At the heart of God’s relationship with you is a word that is strange to us: covenant. You cannot really understand the Bible unless you understand what a covenant is. Nor can you really understand the importance of this word until you appreciate that a covenant involves a relationship.

While a covenant includes laws, it does not read like the legal code for the state of Texas. Instead, when you read about God’s covenant with Israel, it is a blending of God’s laws as well as His love. You can begin to see these two elements blending together when you read:

“so that you may enter into the sworn covenant of the Lord your God, which the Lord your God is making with you today, 13 that he may establish you today as his people, and that he may be your God, as he promised you, and as he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob” (29:12-13).

God offers us a covenant because He has sworn to bless His children no matter what may happen. We can count on God’s blessings because God cannot lie (Titus 1:2). But, God has also sworn that He cannot bless a disobedient people. So what gives? Either God blesses us because we are His children or He rejects us because of our sin. It seems like a contradiction until you put the two seemingly at odd pieces together this way: God keeps His covenant with His people, and He will bless them despite their disobedience. God, and Him only, is able to keep His promise to bless disobedient people because Jesus keeps the terms of the covenant in our place. God brought the condemnation I deserved on Jesus, and I receive the reward He deserves. Jesus is in my place so that God can both bless His disobedient children while also punishing sin as He promised.

Michael Slater