Blessing and Cursing – Deuteronomy 27-28

Read Deuteronomy 27-28

Much of what you read in this chapter is repetition from earlier in Deuteronomy. Yet, Moses is nearing the end of both his sermon and his life. Speaking to the next generation as they were on the verge of going across to the much-anticipated Promised Land, he lists numerous blessings to the nation if they will completely obey. I have selected ten blessings to show the riches of God’s grace.

  • The nation of Israel will be set “high above all the nations of the earth” (28:1);
  • The sheer number of blessings will “come upon you and overtake you” (28:2);
  • Israel’s cities will be blessed and their fields will be blessed (28:3);
  • The wombs of the wives, their livestock and their plants will be blessed (28:4);
  • They will be blessed as they come and go (28:6);
  • Their enemies would be both defeated but also scattered (28:7)
  • Other nations will be afraid of them (28:10);
  • God will give them abundant rain (28:12);
  • The nation of Israel will have economic prosperity (28:12);
  • God will make the nation the head of all the nations (28:13).

All of this was offered to the young nation if only they would serve the Lord faithfully.

Michael Slater