Moses’ Humane Society – Deuteronomy 25-26

Read Deuteronomy 25-26

“You shall not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the grain” (25:4).

It is a common practice in many American cities to see humane societies in strategic places. Even in our city of North Richland Hills, we have a beautiful new human society in the center of our town. Often, TV ads call for the proper care of stray animals or the need to adopt dogs or cats. Oftentimes, people love their animals more than their pets! But it is not just modern society that cares for the treatment of animals, for even God gives His people careful instructions on the welfare of work animals.

Oxen were used to both plow fields and tread grain. Often, you will encounter a threshing floor in the pages of Scripture; here, the oxen would tread the grain in such a way that a heavy sled could be driven over it. As a result of the oxen’s hard work, they were permitted to eat some of the grain as their pay.

Today, believers in Christ treat animals with care – not because it is fashionable, but for at least two reasons. First, God Himself commands us to care for the welfare of animals (see Proverbs 12:14). Are we to ignore God’s instructions? Second, animals are a part of God’s creation and we have the responsibility of caring for all He’s created (Genesis 1:28).

Michael Slater