Remembering His Grace – Numbers 33-36

Read Numbers 33-36

Why is Moses recounting all these places? God has Moses recount all these places in order for His people to consider God’s providential care for Him. As generations of people wandered in the wilderness, God wants the people to remember how He walked with them every step of the way – to know it was God was with them.

The older you are the harder it is to remember all the details of life. At times, we fail to remember how God has cared for us in times past. Moses’ travel log teaches us about the goodness and kindness of God. Moses’ trip down memory lane reminds us of God’s miraculous care for His people.

Take a few moments to for a time of private or family worship. Give thanks to God’s goodness and care for how He has guided your family and you. Recount specific ways He has provided for you. Be sure to praise His great Name for His love.

Michael Slater