A Forgotten Voice

Recently, Pastor Kevin DeYoung of University Reformed Church in East Lansing, Michigan wrote a brief blog entry entitled “A Forgotten Voice.” It’s a brief introduction to an eighteenth century pastor, Theodore Jacob Frelinghuysen. Frelinghuysen’s ministry is associated with the First Great Awakening.

DeYoung’s blog entry matters to me because I love the First Great Awakening. Dr. Roy Fish introduced me to this period of religious enthusiasm during my time at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Part of my love for this time is because Dr. Fish was nearly magical in how well he presents the material. Despite his oratorical powers, the period is still fascinating.

The second reason DeYoung’s entry matters to me is that I spent considerable time writing on Frelinghuysen for my dissertation. Very little is know about this pastor in modern day evangelicalism.

I invite you to acquaint yourself with this controversial figure by visiting DeYoung’s blog. God used Frelinghuysen to awaken the Dutch Reformed churches of New Jersey in the early 1700’s. Let’s pray God awakens the churches of our day as well.