NRHBC’s Satellite Campus: A New Name and an Old Story

Satellite Campus Name from NRH Baptist Church on Vimeo.

North Richland Hills Baptist Church is in the process of launching a satellite campus in North Forth Worth. In just a few weeks, we will complete the purchase of nearly twenty-seven acres along the frontage road of Highway 287. We are excited about the possibilities for reaching people BetterTogether_mapwith the gospel at this second location in the days to come. North Fort Worth is among the fastest growing areas in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We believe God is calling us to plant a multi-generational church that teaches God’s Word faithfully and shows the same compassion Jesus displayed throughout the gospels.

While we are paying for the land and await construction on a future building, this second site will begin meeting at Schluter Elementary of the Northwest Independent School District. Our second location will begin meeting on Palm Sunday (April 13) and Easter Sunday (April 20). We are praying and preparing for this day. Please join us in praying for this endeavor.

As the satellite location will be in North Fort Worth, it is apparent that a new name is needed. It would be difficult to call this second site “North Richland Hills Baptist Church” when it does not meet in North Richland Hills. As we prayed and considered names for the satellite campus, our church family was helpful. We asked them to suggest names and various names were suggested through the church’s website, through email, and in writing. Each of these was helpful and I thank you for your thoughtfulness.

We sought two criteria for the name of the satellite campus: 1) a name that had substantial continuity with our church’s past; and 2) a name that spoke of the value our church places on the gospel itself.

I am happy to announce that our satellite location will be called Cross Church.

The Cross of Christ is an important international symbol for Christianity. As the Star of David is the symbol of Judaism and the Crescent serves as a symbol for Islam, the Cross is the defining image for Christianity. The Cross also serves as a visible symbol of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. At the center of our faith is Jesus Christ dying for sinners (1 Corinthians 15:3-6). I can think of few things more valuable than the Cross of Jesus. And it is our desire to communicate the message of the Cross to people surrounding the Mid-Cities as well as the people in North Forth Worth. Through this name, is is our hope that the surrounding community will have an immediate recognition of what our church stands for in the coming days. And through future efforts, we hope to make the gospel of Jesus Christ and His grace for sinners clear to people throughout the area.

The original campus will remain North Richland Hills Baptist Church.

Better Together – Sunday, October 6

Better Together is part of a long-term vision to see more people throughout the DFW Metroplex worship God through Jesus Christ, His Son. Jesus is too valuable to keep for ourselves. We cannot be selfish with God’s love and the gospel. Please make every effort to join us in worship this Sunday, October 6, as we will be sharing in more detail about the exciting opportunity that God has placed before us for a second location.

Three Reasons for Two Locations

While there are numerous aspects to Better Together, an essential part of this campaign is to see one church in two locations. Two locations will give our church family an advantage for several practical reasons:

1.     Two locations will ensure our church’s future. Simply, we will serve more people in two locations as opposed to one location. Because our church has the duty and privilege of sharing the gospel, we must make every effort to expand God’s kingdom in our backyard. The satellite location will come alongside the original church to raise disciples for future decades.

2. Two locations are necessary because drive time matters. The distance people are willing to drive in our area dictates a great deal. A second location can reduce the amount of drive time for many people to gain access to our church and the gospel. Just as your bank has many locations to serve its customers, this future location will be a center of hope for the growing Forth Worth population.

3.     Lastly, two locations because our style matters. North Richland Hills Baptist Church is known as a place where multiple generations worship in one place. We have excelled because of excellent ministries for children, students, young couples, and singles. Our programming options continue to attract people throughout our area. People drive past other churches to us, and by doing so, they are making a conscious decision to seek out our church amidst others. People seek our church because of biblical preaching, multiple generations gathering in one place, our Sunday Morning Bible Study classes or because of a relationship with others.

We are not trying to be like other churches. Our goal is not to place style before substance. Instead, we’re attempting to be faithful to the great commission. Please be mindful that more than 800,000 people claim no church affiliation in North Forth Worth.

Some Dates to Remember

1. Launch Team (October 6 – November 22) Beginning Sunday, October 6, if you are interested in being a part of the launch team, you will have the opportunity to complete a simple application online. Since Vision Sunday (May 5) when the satellite campus was announced, our church leadership has been blown away by the amount of interest in joining the launch team. We are grateful for your enthusiasm.

This Sunday, we will explain more details about the launch team process. Until then, check out Pastor Mark’s blog as he explains more.

2. Selecting a Name (October 6- November 22) – Beginning this Sunday, you will have an opportunity to suggest a name for our satellite campus. Allow me to give you a little background on this.

As we begin our satellite campus, our original campus will remain North Richland Hills Baptist Church. Yet, the satellite campus will need a different name since it is located outside of North Richland Hills. A lot of you have asked throughout the summer what the name of the new location will be. This is your opportunity to prayerfully propose a name for the new work.

To do this, I ask that you first ask for the Holy Spirit’s leadership. Second, consider names that reflect our biblical focus as well as our desire to honor the Lord. You will want to consider our church’s heritage and all that God has done in and through us. Lastly, remember the privilege of interacting with the community of North Fort Worth and the number of people who have yet to be discipled.

A couple of postscripts as you think. We welcome names that include the word “Baptist” as well as names that omit our denominational affiliation. Keep in mind that the name “North Richland Hills Baptist Church” will also appear on satellite church’s signs and printed material in order to connect the two locations.

Watch for submission details this Sunday on our web site and in the Sunday morning worship guide.

3. Better Together “One Day” Offering (November 17) – This is the second of three big offering dates set aside to raise funds for the purchase of land to establish the second site. Our first “One Day” offering day was Sunday, June 5, and we raised just under $400,000. God was extremely good to us. Our one-day goal for November 17 is offering is $300,000. Every house is asked to give something on this day. I ask that you begin praying for this Sunday now.

I’m excited to see what the Lord will do. Join me in asking the Lord to place His hand on us.

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