Did God Create Life: A Look at Evolution

On Sunday, November 20, I am presenting a message entitled, “Did God Create Life: A Look at Evolution.” Because of the importance of this message, I am sharing my notes. Perhaps they might assist someone in their search for the truth of how the universe came into being.

With apologies in advance, please know that these notes represent my unedited sermon notes as I configure them for my purposes. I hope many will benefit from these notes in their present unedited format.

Did God Create Life? A Look at Evolution


Beginnings – Genesis 1-4

Beginning Sunday, January 10, I am challenging our church family to read the first five books of the Bible together. The Bible reading plan is designed for you to have a daily reading for 90 days with two days each week designated as “catch up” days. And since the first five books of the Bible were written by Moses,  we’re calling this “90 Days in the Books of Moses.” Each day you will read several chapters in the Bible followed by a devotional or brief commentary from one of our pastors on the passage for the day.

And while the plan doesn’t begin until Sunday, I wanted to offer you a short preview here. There will be more details in the days to come.

Join me in reading through Genesis in just under three weeks with Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy to follow. It’s here, we will discover some of the most encouraging stories of faith. These 90 days will be a time to both powerfully change your life and to galvanize a new habit of reading Scripture daily.

Read or Listen to Genesis 1-4

I want you to take note of four elements in Genesis 1. First, note the brevity of the creation story. The Bible gives just two chapters to tell how all things came into existence. In contrast, Abraham’s story is told in thirteen chapters. Second, for all the controversy surrounding the origins of the universe in our day, Genesis simply presents the account of God’s creation with no reference to the controversy surrounding it. Third, you will notice we are offered no argument for the existence of God. Instead, Genesis simply presumes He exists. And lastly, take special note that God Himself is all over the place in this story for He is mentioned thirty-five times. God is the main character in our story as He is throughout the Bible.

Beginning in Genesis 2:4, we see the same story of creation only rearranged. Here is a topical sequence creation’s story rather than a day-by-day account. This second telling focuses on God’s creation of the mankind rather than the entire world. Read these two accounts carefully for they compliment one another in remarkable ways.

The story of what happened in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3 is powerfully important. This is not just the story of the wrongdoings of two people. Instead, it is the story of how the first two people’s wrongdoing affects you and me. It promises to explain nothing less that what is wrong in every cancer ward, in every traumatic domestic abuse incident, all wars, as well as what happens behind the yellow crime scene tapes in every American city.

As you finish reading Genesis 4, note carefully how quickly the descent of humanity plunged after the first sin. Cain kills his brother, Abel, and we witness a remarkable moral and spiritual deterioration. The world is about to plunge into deep darkness but God’s grace will shine even in the blackest of nights.