Nine Months of Racism

This week marks the anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court case, Roe vs Wade. Just a few days ago, we marked the importance of Martin Luther King’s contribution to improving race relations. But there’s a connection that few see between the civil rights struggle and abortion.

Some four decades after the Supreme Court ruled that the lives of children could be legally taken, African American women are five times more likely to abort their children than caucasian women. Elsewhere, abortion has been called “black genocide.” The fact is abortion continues to be one of the most racist practices of the early 21st century.

Let’s “do right” even when it’s not popular. Let’s live by convictions rather than popularity polls. And let’s stop racism in the womb. Pray, persuade, and work for the protection of life no matter the race.

Note: if you live here in the Mid-Cities of Dallas/Fort Worth, get involved by supporting and volunteering at the Mid Cities Pregnancy Center.